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Oyungerel Tsedevdamba and Jeffrey Lester Falt

NomadicDialogues 192 pp., Soft cover,
Admon, Ulaanbaatar, 2007

ISBN 99929-0-267-1.
Bilingual in Mongolian and English

A bestseller in Mongolia, Nomadic Dialogues is forty-one dialogues between an American tourist and a Mongolian nomadic family in both Mongolian and English. 

Sam, an American tourist, visits the Mongolian herder family of Davaa and stays at Davaa's ger for a week. Davaa proposes that Sam will ride a horse free of charge if he participates in livestock herding jobs during his stay. 

Sam accepts the proposal and explores nomadic jobs and lifestyle. At the same time, Davaa's family members and neighbors ask questions of Sam and learn about America and modern day issues.

The book is a supplementary English reader for Mongolian herders and tourism guides. Nomadic Dialogues is also designed for tourists who wish to communicate with Mongolian herders and make their travels in Mongolia fun and a learning experience.

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Notes On My Study In AmericaOyungerel Tsedevdamba
194 pp., Soft cover,
Interpress, Ulaanbaatar, 2007

ISBN 99929-2-020-3
written in Mongolian.

A bestseller in Mongolia, Notes on My Study in America describes the author’s journey leading to her study in American Universities.

The first chapter “Road to school” recounts her struggle to enroll Stanford University. The book also gives advices to young people who are dreaming of studying in the United States.

Based on the author’s personal experience and observations, it provides topical analysis of the American academic environment in chapters two and three, “American Environment” and “Notes” respectively.

The author calls on young people to take advantage of opportunities available in open, democratic societies.